Thursday, November 26, 2009


OK ok so by now I m sure you heard of my boo Melisa Young aka KID SISTER.I first heard her on my homegirls ipod wasn't a fan at first but it grew.A couple of days later I catch her video "Pro Nails ft Kanye".First thought.....bad biatch(plus Im a sucka for blonde hair which she dyed and looks waaaay better lol)Her look was like a south side ghetto version of A.Keys (who is on my shit list for those wack songs).Either ways shes bad,perky,funny and can fucking move just ask my man Teknyc (Nike party gran turismo,told you nigga)!My boo is half black half white and all sexy,So what you need to do is drop that Dj Atrak dude and get with THE DON of DOWNTOWN NY!!

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