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Its funny to think that in a few more years, kids won't know much about The Notorious B.I.G. or what he meant to Hip Hop. In the short amount of time he was here, the impact that he had was damn near impeccable and still untouchable. B.I.G. meant everything to me as a kid. The fact that a 300 plus pound- dark skinned- dead eye- ashy nigga from Brooklyn could spit game, woo women, kick ill lyrics, get fly in Versace and COOGI amazed the hell out of me. True Story!

As a chubby lil kid myself, I looked at B.I.G. for confidence, charisma and even at times courage. I remember being a young buck and going over to Astor Place to steal a fake Kangol cap from the hat stand because B.I.G. wore one in the magazine. I wanted to be like him so bad it was crazy. I supported B.I.G. 100 percent and even recorded everything related to him on Hot 97. Since I was such a strong B.I.G fan, I swore to never support The Roots, Pac, Boot Camp Click, Rae and Ghost or whoever else tried to diss my man for being who he was. You feel me? Pause.

When I was younger, I was a die hard fan but didn't really get all of the double meanings and subliminals in his music at first. Shit, I just loved the fact that he was a BIG guy who rapped, got money, dressed fly and always had a bad female with him. He had that level of coolness and class that I'm still trying to reach myself!

Some dudes rock their Jordan's on the court to channel their memories of MJ, but I rock my Versace shades at night because of of that man. At a young age I learned to treat my friends like family because that's what the Don did. Don't get me wrong, B.I.G. was a wild dude, but you also hear the stories of how giving he was. His friends always say that even after kicking the most gangsta lyrics in the booth, he was always jolly, cracked jokes and most importantly, he took care of his peoples. Real talk.

These days his music means more to me than ever. When I'm getting hyped to do a wall I bump that "Victory". When I wanna get on the money shit "GET MONEY". When some sucka ass nigga gets outta line its "WHATS BEEF" or "WHO SHOT YA" on deck. B.I.G. got music for all of my moods. He inspires me to this day in many ways. When he's on a track with others, he always goes harder than the next dude. I like to use that same ethic when stepping to a wall. Who could fuck with the verses on "KEEP YOUR HANDS HIGH" or how he matched Bone Thugs flow on "NOTORIOUS THUGS".

1997 March 9th is the day that the Brooklyn Show Stoppa died. New York and Hip Hop lost the greatest to EVER do it. Yeah there were greats after him, yeah they tried to claim the KING OF NY status, some even arguably filled the slot, some may be slightly more advanced lyrically than him. But at some point they ALL had to watch and take notes from Frank White to create their own Blueprint for success (cough-jay-cough-z-cough).

Even with a two coast rap beef, he handled it with class, moved in silence and made good music. His death was fucking pointless!! I cant walk by a Suburban and not think of those bullets ripping through the door. I think about what was going on in his mind when he had his last bit of energy left. I wonder about what Cease and D Roc feel now since they were around in the early days and helped their man go from ashy to classy, but also watched him get gunned down over some damn rap music.

On the day that he was killed, my father came in that morning and woke me up to tell me that they killed my friend. Even my pops (may his soul rest too) knew how deep of an impact B.I.G. had on me.

From time to time I think about his family and MS Wallace. His son CJ that will never be schooled on how to handle the ups and downs of life from his father. Tianna will never get walked down the isle at her wedding day holding the hand of her big poppa and we'll never get to hear another "uuughh uggghhh one two one two".

Shit just sucks but time goes on and so does life. I wont ever forget B.I.G. because I'm an artist and every artist needs inspiration and motivation, B.I.G. was that to me and will remain so till I die.

Thank you for the music and the soul you put into it big homie.

R.I.P. rest your soul PLAYBOY

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Not only are there no happy endings, there aren’t even any endings